Market Movers for the day

The Market Movers tool has a list of every runner in the UK and Ireland running today.

Market Movers for the day

The table shows the course, time, horse name, odds at 6pm the night before the race, 9am on the day of the race, the latest odds, the number of non-runners in the race and the percentage change in implied odds before 6pm the night before the race and now.

The horse that has shortened the most today will be listed at the top. In this case it is Cash Back that has moved from 3.5 the night before the race to 1.83. This is 26% movement of implied chance. This is calculated by (100%/1.83)-(100%/3.5).

Market Movers for an individual race

The user can click on any individual race or meeting to get all the market mover statistics for that race or meeting.

Market Movers pick an individual meeting or race

In the above example from the 14:50 from Leopardstown the user can see that Cash Back has been heavily backed from 3.5 to 1.83. This is at the exclusion of all the other horses. Ashdale Bob is the biggest drifter going from 2.25 to 3.75.