What is SharpBetting?

SharpBetting was launched on 4th March 2024 just before the Cheltenham festival. On launch it has 4 tools built by gamblers for gamblers. The initial website is focused on British and Irish horseracing. 

Sharp betting refers to the practice of placing bets based on thorough research, statistical analysis, and expertise rather than mere intuition or gut feeling. In essence, sharp bettors are the professionals of the betting world, employing strategies and techniques to gain an edge over the bookmakers.

Unlike recreational or "square" bettors, who often bet on popular horses or follow trends without much consideration for odds or value, sharp bettors are meticulous in their approach. They study everything from horse statistics and trainer performance to historical data and betting trends, searching for discrepancies or opportunities that may have been overlooked by the bookies.

Who is SharpBetting?

SharpBetting was developed by a team of seasoned gamblers who have over 50 years of combined experience in building models and deploying them to win money on betting markets. Other websites used and developed by the team include sharpodds.live, frogthegambler.com and betsharp.com

Chris Fawcett

Chris has been a horse racing addict since he first heard the commentary on the Grand National when he was six years old. During  frequent visits to Newmarket racecourse in his early teens he developed a fascination with betting and odds.

Chris spent his 20s building computer machine learning models for racing and deploying them profitabily on Betfair. Those models have evolved into the 'Sharp View' on SharpBetting horseracing website.

Outside of betting Chris enjoys going on bike rides with his wife and watching sport on TV, any sport.

David Hipkin

David was also brought up near Newmarket. His interest in the mathematics of gambling lead him to the City of London and then onto working for the leading spread betting company, Sporting Index. Obsessed with boxing, he is a fanatic at pricing up and betting on every big bout in the calendar.

He was instrumental in the development of Sharpodds and using it to take on the bookmakers since 2021.

He is also a keen writer and one of the leading global authorities on practical natural language generation. His work can be seen daily on frogthegambler.com where billions of words of content have been produced since 2019.

Outside of betting David is usually found in the gym. He is currently training to achieve his goal of doing a 100 foot free standing rope climb.

Leah Barnett

Leah has a background in the retail business and in social media management.

She first got involved in gambling when she joined the SharpOdds squad in 2021 as the first female member. She has a natural aptitude for numbers almost instantly seeing value in the market when picking out football accas.

She is an avid Love Island fan and is constantly assessing the chance of each islander winning and comparing her assessment to the odd on the exchanges and with the bookmakers.

Outside of betting she enjoys a quiet night in watching women's football on the TV whilst designing and making new crochet monsters.