Early speed ratings for the day

The Front Runners tool has a list of every runner in the UK and Ireland running today.

The Early Speed History column shows the running style of each horse for up to its last 10 runs. The latest run is the final number.

We have developed four categories of where the horse was in the early stages of its previous runs:

  1. Was at the front
  2. Prominent or close up
  3. In the middle of the pack
  4. Held up at the back of the field
Front Runner predictions for the day

The Early Speed Rating is between 2 and 100 for every horse. The algorithm looks at the history of every horse in the race compared to the other runners and works out who is the most likely to led. If all the horses have an equal chance they would all have the same number of between 20 and 40 (depending on the number of runners).

If one or two horses have a much better chance of leading they will have a high number.

Early speed ratings for an individual race

The user can click on an individual meeting or race to see just the horses in that meeting or race. In the example above Rafferty's Return is predicted to be the early leader. In the actual race he led from the start to two fences from the finish.

Front Runners pick an individual meeting or race

It is only a prediction. Sometimes a random horse that has never led before in many starts takes the led at the start of the race. The rating represents a guide as to what the algorithm thinks is most likely to happen.