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The SharpOdds.live system will work with stakes as low as a flat £1 unit stake. This article presents a number of options for getting started on your sharp betting journey without any of the nervousness or intimidation that comes with high-stakes betting.

If you have come here via the Road to £8,000 blog, you will be familiar with the graph shown below. In summary, it shows the total profit that was won by a single user over a 14-week period of betting with the SharpOdds feed. 

The three-month route to £8,000 with scheduled increases in maximum stake levels

The blue line on the right-axis is the maximum stake for various phases of the three-month period of betting activity.  The maximum stake was £20 at the start, and it was increased to £30 about a month into the trial once the landmark of £1,000 in profit had been reached.  You can see how these milestones intersect in the graph. The next increase was to move to a £40 maximum stake once £2,000 profit had been secured, and so on, all the way to an ultimate maximum stake of £100 after £8,000 had been won.


Let's wind this back a bit. 

  • You are interested in the concept of sharp betting but you don't want to bet that much...?  
  • You know the maths stacks up but you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket...?
  • Your want a side-hustle, a few minutes of effort per day or half-an-hour per week...?
  • A bit of fun, some bragging rights, and the chance to make a few quid without stess...?

OK, SharpOdds.live has got you.  Let's see what happens if the Road to £8,000 trial reported above had been done by a low-activity user.   In the graph below, this member simply bets a flat £1 stake (note the right-axis in blue never changes from a flat £1 unit stake).     

A simple flat stake strategy; £1 per bet

For this member, the strategy is simple and can be achieved over the course of the week with just 5 or 10 minutes effort per day, or wrapped up into a single weekly session of 30-45 minutes. 

Simply open the SharpOdds.live feed once a week and place 50 to 100 bets at £1 each. It would take less time than to drink a cup of coffee.  Alternatively, log in every day or every other day for a 5 or 10-minute betting session.  It doesn't matter how it is done, just so long as the bets get placed.  

It's really as simple as that. However, if you want to start off light with a small stake, and still want to see some compound growth, it is worth considering scheduled increases in stakes. 

A growth-mindset strategy;  £1 starting bet

In this case, shown in the graph below, the bettor is using a flat £1 stake, exactly the same as the bettor above.  

However, as soon as this bettor has reached £50 in profit, they have increased their stake to £2 maximum.  Again, at £100 in profit, they move up to a £3 and then again at £150 they are up to £4 stake.  This is shown in the graph above, with a three-month period of time resulting in stakes being increased four-fold, from £1 to £4 due to the success of the system.  Only after reaching profit milestones, do the stakes increase.  For this type of user, this method is a growth-mindset approach, only increasing stakes when sufficient profit has been made to justify it.  Playing with the house's money, you could say.

Performance comparison with £1 starting stake

The two methods are shown next to each other in the table here. Remember, this was a three-month trial of the service.  With a simple, hard flat stake of £1 per bet, that user would have made a profit of exactly £100 with a maximum stake that never changed from £1.  The growth-approach resulted in an additional £53 over the same period, while betting on the exact same matches and markets, and with the same amount of effort. 

So that section explains a few approaches to some entry-level sharp betting.  Next, we turn it up a notch. 

Intermediate-level sharp betting

The graph shown here takes the same three-month trial from September to December.  With this activity, the methodology was a simple one;  place 100 bets every week, with a flat £10 stake on each bet.  

Intermediate-level sharp betting; 100 bets a week with a flat stake of £10

This member would place around 100 bets a week, in as many sessions as it took to fit in with their lifestyle.  Placing one hundred bets should take no more than one hour of total effort per week.  Over the course of this three-month period, the headline performance metrics looks like this:

Three months of intermediate-level sharp betting

In life, the more you put in, the more you get out, and that is also true with sharp betting. At SharpOdds.live we understand that not everyone wants to bet like a professional. We've shown in this article how new users can test the system in their individual comfort zones, with as little as £1 per bet and with just a few minutes effort but we have also built a product that will allow users to progress and to scale. 

If you click this link, you can run a real-world results simulation for 12-months of using SharpOdds.live with a flat stake of £1, £5 and £10 for illustration purposes. 

From basic usage through to intermediate and ultimately professional level use... sign-up today to get started or join our Newsletter to receive sharp bets every week directly into your inbox for free.  


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